Women’s Retreat

For over 40 years, we have hosted an autumn ecumenical retreat for women of all ages. This biblically-based event features gifted speakers from near and far, diverse vocal and instrumental music, a delicious meal, and warm Christian fellowship to all who attend.

When: Saturday, October 28th, 2023

Where: First Presbyterian Church, 114 W. Caroline Street Paulding, OH 45879

Cost: $20.00 (includes event and food)

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2023 Retreat- Pheba Banerjee

From Faith to Faith to Faith

Pheba Banerjee As a 16-year-old teenager in India, Pheba met a Catholic friend, which sparked in her the desire to know about Christianity. She came across a Gideon Bible and started reading it. In her own words, “I initially thought that Christ was just another one of the gurus but later, through reading the Book of Romans, I came to realize the folly of idol worship, the religious/caste system of Hinduism, and my personal sins.”

The story of her faith journey as a teenager in India with Hindu culture all around her, including her own family of origin, to a strong faith in Jesus Christ, plus her youthful spark are a total inspiration. She is currently the Director of Pastoral Care at The Sanctuary in Bryan, Ohio, where she and her husband have been sharing the love of Christ with the homeless in a practical way for about two years.