Women’s Retreat

For 40 years, we have hosted an autumn ecumenical retreat for women of all ages. This biblically-based event features gifted speakers from near and far, diverse vocal and instrumental music, a delicious meal, and warm Christian fellowship to all who attend.

When: TBD

Where: First Presbyterian Church, 114 W. Caroline Street Paulding, OH 45879

Cost: TBD

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I will be using the nursery care provided:

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2022 Retreat- Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust In the Lord with all Your Heart

Darlene Briskey is a local artist who has been a follower of Jesus for many years. She has done women’s
Biblical ministry and children’s programs in many places in the world. She is a wife, mother and
grandmother and loves her family very much. She has felt called to be a missionary and share the gospel
wherever God sends her. Lately the Lord seems to be opening doors for her to share Jesus through her
art. She is now retired but is exploring how art can be used in worship and for the kingdom of God.
Darlene is waiting to see where and how God uses this as she yields to the Holy Spirit.

2023 Women’s Retreat TBD! Stay tuned!