I’m New

What do I wear?
Khaki is popular. Jeans, dresses, sport shirts, shorts, and suits and ties are all visible attire at our church. Wear what is comfortable to you. God is more interested in your life than in your clothes. Children are all over the map in their clothing preferences and are always welcome in whatever they wear.

Where do I park? Where do I enter?
There is open parking in our lot, and it is fine to park on the street. The main entrance is on West Caroline. Those with mobility issues can be dropped off at the foot of the ramp in the parking lot for an easy, protected approach to the Caroline Street doors.

Is the church accessible for wheelchairs?
Yes. A ramp leads up to the double glass doors on Caroline Street. The restrooms and Fellowship Hall are located on this main level of the building. An elevator reaches the sanctuary, and also the lower level where the nursery and youth lounge are located.

What can I expect on my first visit to First Presbyterian Church of Paulding?
An usher will greet you and give you a bulletin about today’s service as you enter the sanctuary. Some people are in their seats before praise singing begins, with others arriving during the praise music. Feel free to enter the sanctuary at any time, and sit wherever you like. The service includes traditional hymns to an organ, the reading of scripture, expository preaching from the Bible, prayer, organ music, and a song from the choir.

Generally, people stand for singing if they are able, and sit to listen to the sermon and readings from the Bible.

What kind of people go to this church?
First Presbyterian Church of Paulding is filled with many kinds of people. While we are a small congregation, there are people with needs, people with a lot to share, and people of all ages. There are professionals, farmers, retirees, homemakers, and tradespeople. There are people who are seeking, people who are serving; people who have been believers in Christ for a long time, and people who are meeting God for the first time. Everyone is welcome.

Do I need to be a member to take communion?
Holy Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month, year-round. The elements of bread and grape juice are passed out to the congregation by the elders.

This church practices open communion. Anyone who trusts Jesus as Lord and Savior may take communion. You do not need to be a member of First Presbyterian Church.

How about other activities?
Please join in all aspects of the worship service, like singing, following scripture reading in the Bibles available in the pews, and prayer. You are also welcome to come to a Bible study, a meal, or Sunday School classes to get to know us better.

 Will I have to give money?
If you wish to put an offering in an offering box in the sanctuary, you certainly may, but please do not feel obligated.

What about children?
Children are welcome in the worship service. Wiggles, giggles, and occasional noises are okay! There are activity bags located at the top of the wide steps entering the sanctuary that can help occupy young children. Feel free to pick one up for your family to use during the service. There is a nursery  downstairs with a rocking chair, bassinet, and diaper changing area, as well as toys for toddlers. There is also a diaper changing table in the men’s and women’s restrooms.

I had a bad experience at a church before. What about that?
We hear where you are coming from. We’d like you to give us a chance to help you have a good experience, and give God a chance to heal those hurts.